People are becoming more aware of the need to take their car paint protection seriously. Although the market is saturated with different vehicle paint protection, it’s vital to decide whether your car needs paint protection. As technology advances, so has the variety of paint protection available. From waxing every few months, the industry has evolved into sealants, car ceramic paint protection, and paint protection film. We’ll look into this paint protection, so you can choose the best fit for your car.

  • Wax: This is the commonest type of paint protection, but it is far from being the best. It was among the earliest methods of paint protection and is now considered old technology. A typical wax job can only last for months and can barely hold up to chemicals. It’s not a bad option, but it isn’t the best, either.
  • Sealant:Sealants are an improvement on wax. They are designed to last longer than wax and offer more protection. Typically, they are more resistant to chemicals and the elements than wax. They come in spray bottles, and can be applied easily, give good, glossy protection.
  • Ceramic Coating:Ceramic is the best and latest paint protection technology. It chemically bonds to the paint creating a barrier shell on your vehicle paint. We highly recommend the car ceramic paint protection, because of its advantages over wax and sealants. Your car ceramic paint protection lasts longer, up to two or three years more than your typical sealant. Their hydrophobic nature makes it repellent to water and dirt, helping your vehicle stay clean and easy to clean. They have a stronger resistance to UV rays, chemicals and the elements. It doesn’t offer your car protection from dents but protects the paint from abuse like scratches and smudges.
  • Paint Protection Film:  This is a thick invisible film applied to your car finishing, it mainly protects against rock chips and friction. It is usually applied to areas most likely to get abrasions like the bumper and hood but can be applied to the entire car. Paint protection film is best applied to a new car. They may not appear as glossy as the ceramic coating, but they also look good.


We highly recommend using car ceramic paint protection. This is because it offers the best protection and lasts longer than either wax or sealants. Wax and sealant may be the less expensive option, but ceramic paint protection is the most durable and glossiest paint protection available.

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