Nowadays, water scooters are often found in the market, which is a kind of recreational watercraft, that can mimic any motor scooter. However, it is generally used in sea coast for various adventures particularly by coast guards for ensuring safety at beaches.

People also often look for this motomarine sea-doo usagé  (English meaning is used Ski-Doo watercraft) for recreational purposes too.

These water jet bikes can be operated above water surface and diver propulsion vehicles, which is also called as DPV, that have wider application in the deep-sea diving.

Mainly the purpose of such water scooter is for recreational purpose. As the interest on various water sports are increasing, there is rising demand for these water scooters.

At the same time, plenty of innovations have also taken place and as a result, it has increased the growth of market in this segment.

As an example, the ASIWO TURBO, which is an underwater scooter, which has been introduced by China in the form of portable, lightweight and very powerful sea scooter has revolutionized the way people can dive, swim and snorkel.

Besides that, lots of upsurge in the demand for very efficient water scooters with a long-distance range has also boosted the growth of these water scooter industries all across the globe.

Over the next few years, water scooters are really expected to witness noteworthy adoption because of increase in the inclination of many customers towards water sporting.

Also, many different applications by using water scooters are found like towing small vessels particularly for various rescue operations.

The total global market for water scooter is segmented into propulsion type, application, vehicle type, as well as region wise.

Different applications that are covered in this study also include:

  • Personal
  • Commercial
  • Military.

Based on the type of the propulsion, the whole market can be categorized into the following 2 categories:

  • Fuel-operated water scooters
  • Battery-operated water scooters.

If they are categorized as vehicle type, then water scooter is segregated into following two categories:

  1. Underwater vehicle
  2. Above water vehicles.

Based on the various region, lots of studies have been done all across Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, as well as in LAMEA.

Following are few key players who have analyzed the market of water scooter:

  • Bombardier Recreational Products
  • Dive Xtras Inc.
  • Diver Tug
  • Kawasaki Motors Corp.
  • Logic Dive Gear
  • Sub-gravity
  • SUEX S.r.l.
  • TUSA which is a subsidiary of the Tabata Co., Ltd.
  • Torpedo Inc.
  • Yamaha Motor Co.
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