First the Lgbt Community stated these were boycotting Ford Motor Company, then after a little money donations received and a few PR got going ahead out of the blue the Lgbt Community has become endorsing Ford. Why? Well initially the Ford Motor Company had reduce a few of their advertising and a few of the advertising is at a Lgbt news outlet periodical.

Now situations are patched track of the Lgbt Community and there’s no more a menace to boycott. I’ve one question for everybody? How can this be news? Exactly what a non-news event only to propel the Lgbt Communities PR machine. This isn’t news whatsoever. Furthermore the initial attacks through the gay fringe caused a rift with Corporate America which is as if they’re attempting to bully their method of getting Corporations to submit.

That ongoing tactic is just likely to switch off potential mix over voters for their cause. By attacking brands and causing boycott issues such groups don’t help their cause they hurt it as being others see their vindictive ways and affiliate with the organization. It’s these tactics and slanderous functions against company brands, which must stop. When these attacks occur individuals groups causing it, owe the organization for just about any lost brand recognition endured. Therefore if this hurt Ford Motor Company within the huge amount of money, then your Lgbt Community which broken the organization should be held accountable and pay that cash. Think about this in the year 2006.

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