Lately the Ford Motor Company and also the Lgbt Community voting block experienced a tiff. The Lgbt Community threatened to boycott Ford Products and never at an excellent amount of time in the business’s history either thinking about the present US Automaker trends. What exactly should Ford do now?

Ford Motor Company should immediately give one new vehicle to each homosexual in the usa, simply because they cancelled their ads inside a homosexual magazine, let alone they cut 80% of their magazine ads to chop advertising costs. Let us recover it in reparations towards the homosexual community as numerous might have had their ancestors also slighted in some manner.

Furthermore Ford Motor Company should pay legal costs to obtain gay marriage moving in all states and open strictly Lgbt Dance Clubs where nobody else is permitted. Ford be forced to pay as with every other corporate organization that’s attacked with a group. We have to destroy their brand and sue them in the gazzoo.

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